There are different payment methods available for students on BPTC’s courses. So you have a couple of choices of when you’d like to pay. Direct electronic funds transfers (EFTs) can be made into the BPTC’s bank account. There is a payment plan option available, contact our account department for more options. There is a discount of 10% off the total course value when you pay upfront for your course fees.

BPTC is an accredited Training centre for Sales (General)- Advisor course. These means packs contain the following documents:

  • POE – portfolio of evidencern
  • Summative assessments which are done at the end of each and every educational coursern
  • Weekly online classes and support

Our non- accredited courses contain the following:

  • Study material (hard copy)
  • Online access to platform for study material (soft copy) can be down loaded
  • Access to assessment questionnaire (When assessment is loaded)
  • Weekly online classes and support
Yes, we offer student support for all of our courses. We have various student support managers on duty at our head office to assist students throughout duration of their course. Student support managers are available during office hours, during the working week, in other words Monday to Friday.

Our courses can be started at any time during the year if you choose to study online. Due to the pandemic and considering our student’s health and safety, all our face-to-face classes are conducted using online platforms to curb the spread of the virus.

One of BPTC’s core competencies is our ability to develop training programmes that are customized to meet the client’s requirements, particularly in the fields of Credit and financial management as well as Sales.

We have a number of years of experience in the training and education field .We have a team of lecturers and facilitators who are credible and have extensive experience in adult education, course development and course delivery. BPTC also has the appropriate infrastructural capacity and appropriate technical skills to complete the work in accordance with each client’s requirements.

Our learning platforms are state of the art. It is not possible to find better out there.

You can start your course at any time during the year.

As we mentioned previously, comprehensive student support is available telephonically or via e-mail Monday to Friday.

There is a variety of payment methods available which are extremely flexible.

BPTC is accredited with the:

  • Wholesale and Retail SETA for Skills programme Sales Assistant (General)- Retail Sales Advisor

We require a valid identity document (if you are a South African citizen) or passport (if you are not from South Africa) to register you as a student.

Our learning platform is unlike any other you’ve come across in your life! The platform was custom built with the end user in mind to be able to offer you slides, videos and seamless downloads. You can use everything on the BPTC platform with the greatest ease as it is highly functional. The online learning platform is both fun and motivational.