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Taking job opportunity to the unemployed

Through our partnerships with various retail stores Bright path training centre has established a network of over 50 retail businesses nationwide, for job placements, which assist in removing barriers to entering the working world.

The primary barriers to employability are, education, access to finance & access to network.

Our Story

The idea “Vision 10000”, was initiated on the simple gesture of Khaliques, donating traded suits to NGO’s back in 2017. Being involved in training and skills development, the idea of training unemployed youth in the retail sector and making them employable in the retail market excited me. Khaliques, took the national crises of youth unemployment seriously and initiated the programme: “Vision 10000”.

The idea is to upskill previously disadvantage youth from financially distressed background, who could not be employed due to lack of education, lack of finance and lack of networks.

Vision 10000, launched in early 2017, aimed to create 10000, work experiences in five years. This business-led collaboration with government and labour aims to stimulate demand-driven job creation through company investment and by leveraging existing government initiatives such as the Employment Tax Incentive and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Codes.

BPTC, aims to place unemployed youth in minimum 12-month work experiences and training opportunities; develop critical skills, particularly in retail.

To date, over 1000 work experiences have been facilitated. BPTC has supported over 1500 work seekers, placed young people in different jobs with our partners and partnered with 50 companies.

BPTC works with employers from various sectors to promote inclusive hiring practices that focus on young people. The organisation sources, trains and places unemployed young people from under-resourced backgrounds into first-time jobs.

BPTC identifies candidates where existing corporate recruitment networks do not reach, and assesses and trains the youth through bridging programmes. Newly trained youth are then placed in jobs that match their skills in retail sector.

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